Oct 17, 2008

Ms. White and the pop Singer

Good morning blog land, long time no post. Pardon my absence, I have been sewing and will have pictures soon. But this morning I discovered something that I just had to share right away because it makes me absolutely giddy!

So without further ado let me share with you the story of Ms. White and the pop Singer.

I met Ms. White at a garage sale about 7 or 8 years ago, she was in her late twenties at the time. She was not what you would call pretty and she looked like she had been through a lot and I felt we had that in common. She was looking for a new place to stay and since I had been looking for someone reliable and affordable to assist me in my Halloween costume projects, I decided to offer her the job. She was only asking for 5$ so I figured I was getting the better end of the deal regardless of her future performance, but I need not have worried, Ms. White was more than up to the task working her way as easily true delicate satins, cheep cottons or jeans.
When we moved across the country, space was limited in the family vehicle but I would not hear of leaving her behind and so Ms. White made the long trip with us from Quebec to Alberta, squeezed into the back of the SUV. Unfortunately even with her tough constitution, Ms White suffered from the ride and when we arrived she had a hard time getting back to work. She just did not seem to have the heart anymore.

That's when I discovered the pop Singer. I met her at Wal-Mart, she was young and she looked hip, she was looking for a job and although she did not look half as tough as Ms. White, I thought she might do until I could nurse my old friend back to health. So I took her home and she has been pretty good at most of the tasks I have asked her to perform. But she still cannot take on as much as my old friend. She just doesn't have the same constitution. However, this young thing owns a bunch of hip gadgets that Ms. White never possessed, she has a zipper foot, a button foot, a 1/4 inch foot, a darning foot she even has a walking foot. She just does not have the strength to use them well.

Such a shame, such a waist I though. Here is this young thing with all the nifty gadgets and there is my old friend who could sure use them but has none. But then this morning, out of the blue I decided to hand Ms. White one of the pop Singer's gadgets and see if she could maybe use it. Well lo and behold she can!!!

Do you know what this means? This means that I might not have to send most of my quilts to a long arm quilter because I now have a machine that has the strength AND attachments needed to do this myself. It also means I won't need to spend a fortune on a new machine as I had been considering.

This morning, I am a happy quilter!
Have a great day


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