Jun 26, 2008

Please go take a look at this...

I would post the clip but I seem to be unable to post a video. But here is the link, it's worth the detour: Matt Harding dancing .

I soooo want to do this!
Have a great day!


Natasha said...

If you do this can I come along?? It would be out of control fun right!!
I saw this guy on some news show and then forgot about him. You're awesome for linking here...it was like two present in one...I came to a new fun blog (yours) AND you reintroduced me to this hilarious dancing guy. Thanks!

I'm so glad you stopped by creativenachos.com today...your list ROCKED by the way popcorn at the movies...so yummy. I can smell it now! Oh and I so dig that L'air du Temps perfume reminds you of our grandma...

Come play again!

Natasha said...

PS Great blog name!