Oct 30, 2008

Finished Boy Quilt Top

So I do sew. In fact I've been pretty busy working on my X-mas gift list. This proves there may be hope for me yet because I usually never think about X-mas gifts until the 15th of December!

This is the last top I finished. There was another one before this but I don't have a picture yet, I will take one later today and post it tomorrow along with pictures of my current project, but I digress...

I started this one last March. I had all the fabric cut and the strips assembled into pairs. I made it from fat quarters but initially it was a jelly roll pattern (Gridlock from Pieces From My Heart by Sandy Gervais) The fabric is also by Sandy, from two lines, Fall Back in Time and Mix & Mingle.
My first intention was to make this as part of a his & hers set for our bedroom but then I changed my mind completely about the colors and so this will probably be for my son once it is quilted. It's a little bit biger then twin size.

More pictures tomorrow. Till then I leave you with 2 pictures my son took of me and my helper Mickey. He is great for moral support and for scattering bits of thread all over the house :O) Notice the aliens on the wall? This was a little boy room before we bought the house, haven't decided what colors I want in here yet.

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Anonymous said...

The fabric is lovely and just perfect for the design you have made. It has a real retro feel to it.