Feb 10, 2008

Please, Oh! Please not two in one week!

I'm worried for Maya.

Yesterday, when I got home from work I open her gate but one hour later she was stile in her room looking sleepy. I fixed her dinner at around 7h30 as usual and called her but she just stayed in her box. Finally at around 8pm she came out and hid behind the curtains in le living room, she had not touched her food at all, not even the endive lettuce!

I picked her up and started petting her and she just let me, no fuss, not trying to get away, no Harrumph! She just let me pet her for close to an hour. I was reluctant to go to bed without having seen her eat and tried to feed her the bunny crack but even that did not get her attention.

I finally went to bed at 10h30 because I was driving this morning and had to get up at 5am. When I checked in on her this morning she stile had not touched her food, not even the apple Mr. L. slipped her after I when to bed.

I picked her up and she just curled up close and gently gritted her teeth. This is so bad. I was standing there wishing I hadn't kept the stupid work truck last night so I could call in sick and take her to the vets. Its only 7h30 here, I got to work 30 minutes ago and I'm waiting until 8am to call the vet and see what to do. I have a syringe of pain killer left from when she was spayed in December but its probably gone bad; I almost gave it to her anyway this morning because that's what got her eating again after her operation.

This is killing me.

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