Feb 15, 2008

The Girly Room

So Maya is fine. My son spent the day seringe feeding her water, petting her and massaging her stomac and whathever ailed her was passed by the time I got home. She spent the evening binkying around the living room. I suspect gas and wanting some attention.

Now that I cleard that up I want to show you a few pictures of the sewing room. We shall call them the before pictures. So in no particular order here are:

The two 39" vinyl head boards bought for 5$ each at the pawn shop.
In the background you can also see from left to right: the 5$ piece of "art", the small Ikea frams, the cool shoes, the 2$ vase the christmas tin and my old spice rack.

The small, dirty, blue velvet chair bought at the discount new and used store for 65$. It rock AND swivels!

You cant tell from the picture but this chaire is very small. I call it the boudoir chair :o) Then there is the room devider. This one was free courtesy of the neighbors!

And why am I showing you all this junk? Well because I have big plans for these babies! I told Mr.L the other day that this was going to be my girly room. This is going to be the girliest room you has ever seen! It will be so sweet, people will get a sugar high when they walk into this room! With 2 guys in the house, I need to balance out the testosterone and this is the way I am going to do it. I will keep you posted with the progres as I go along. And will leave you with this close up of the 5$ art:

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