Mar 21, 2008

Who! So it seam’s I’m pretty bad at this, five posts and then nothing for a month. In my defense, it has been VERY busy around here.

First, we have bought a house. It all happened pretty fast, our landlord told use he was selling the condo and was giving use first bids to buy, we discussed it and decided to see if we could afford it so we got ourselves a mortgage broker. We were told we could afford the condo but needed a bigger down payment and our landlord did not want to wait, so that sort of died in the egg. Then, a week later, our neighbors and friends told use they were putting their house up for sale in the upcoming month, back to the broker we went. Finally we made an offer, they accepted, the bank accepted and so we have ourselves a house. Well actually not exactly because if they are not posted as they expect to be (they are both in the Forces) the whole deal is off and we will need to find ourselves a home…but lets not think about that, we are very confident on this so all will work out.

Second, I have just finished my first quilt top, Yeah! Pictures will go up next weekend and it might be finished by then but I have pictures of all the steps, so Amy don’t even try to imply that I bought it and am tiring to pull a fast one on you ;O)

This was SO fun. I have been talking about quilting for so long. My maternal grand-mother and a few of my aunts were quilters but by the time I got interested in sewing and later quilting, grand-ma was dead and my aunts to old and plagued with arthritis to teach me. I do remember my Aunt Gertrude hand quilting a rainbow motif on a quilt she had made using a quilting loom my grand-father had made for my grand-mother but I was little then and was more interested in worms and kitty cats to care.

Over the years I have often thought about quilting but was to intimidated to try it. Besides, I Had no one to teach me and did not have the time for quilting classes so the idea kept lingering in the back of my mind and nagging me. I had amassed a pretty big stash over the years from my various sewing projects and had to leave that behind when we moved her last July; we only took our cloths and a few odd pieces of furniture to save on moving expenses. It literally broke my heart but I only took my favorite pieces and gave everything else to goodwill.

Then, while surfing the net I found some people who changed my life changed my life! LOL! No mom I DID NOT join a sect, I wish you would stop thinking that…:OP. Please allow me to introduce you to my surrogate grannies:

First there was granny Heather whose fabrics I used for my very first quilt.

She led me to granny Anna Maria.

Who in turn led me to several other cool, talented amazing ladies around the web and made me realize that quilting is not such a granny thing to do. And their fabrics are so beautiful and bright!

And look at this lady, her name is Joanna Figueroa and I love her and want to live in her studio so I can get up at night and sew millions of things from her lovely fabrics.

So I bought some fabrics and put myself to work. And I will post some pictures soon so you can see the results, Antoinette would be proud I think.

Luv you

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