Feb 3, 2008

Goodbye Sweet Bunny

Yesterday we had Oscar put to sleep. We could not afford the money they were asking for the opertation.

Oscar is...was a good Bunny. We had adopted him a few months ago from the Human Society to bond with Maya our fist bunny. He was a big, sweet Blue Rex with a heart shaped cow lick on his forehead. Oscar did not like to be picked up but he would come close and let you pet him anywhere for as long as you liked. He was soft as could be and had the most beautiful eyes.

Recently, he has started peeing all over the house and especially on the carpets. It started around Christmas time while my son was away and just kept going when he came back and when my brother came to stay. I thought he was just voicing his protest at having less time out of the bunny room (my brother is allergic) but last week I watched him used the litter box and noticed he whatever he was doing was asking an effort, I could see his whole body contracting. I made an appointment for Friday. I figured it might be some sand in his urine or maybe an infection and that some antibiotics could help. The vet touched his blather and felt a bump so he took an x-ray. He found a stone the size of a large marble as well as sand taking up almost all of his blather. The vet said he must have has this for a pretty long time, certainly it would have been a good size when we got him in November.

So not only do I feel terrible at having him put to sleep, I keep wondering how this guy could have been so happy and sweet with this thing hurting him all this time. I also worry that somehow, despite the Timothy hay and veggie diet that I could have fed him something to make him sick. Certainly all the carpete he ate in the begining did not help.

I wish we had the money. I hate that he was an otherwise healty and happy bunny and that this operation would have given him another 6 to 8 years if we had been able to afford it.
We miss you Oscar Buns. :O(

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