Feb 1, 2008


Been fiddling around with this page for hours now, I think I finally have it the way I want it. That picture up there was taken by my son, It`s the bike trail near our condo. I`ve posted a few links and will be adding to these as I go along.

I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Danielle; I was born in Quebec, Canada and have recently moved to Alberta. I don’t like my job because it promotes global warming and destroys the environment but it pays well and at this point in my life I am stepping all over my conscience so that our family can finally have a home.

This will be a bilingual blog. I may post in English a few days and then suddenly decide to post in French; this may be so that my French speaking friend can read a particular entry or just because I feel like it. As the title says, this is a blog about everything. I could have made it a blog about bunnies, or about sewing and crafts, or about the state of the world or about wild flowers but that would have been too confusing because really, I can’t stick to just one subject and I would have been incoherent.

Why am I doing this?


I don’t know.

Hope you’ll be around when I find out.

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