Nov 20, 2008

The Jester Quilt & Why Are All my Pictures Yellow?

One of the reasons my posts are few and fare appart is due to my pictures. I know the camera is not the problem, it has to do with lighting but I stile havn't figured out how to solve this. My best bet would probably be to take the pictures outside in natural light but I'm not sure how to set this up. I will work on this because yellow pictures: Yish!

Anyhoo this is another top I've finished and have added to the "Gotto Quilt" pile. I have named it the Jester quilt. Here it is on my high teck design wall which consists of a 108 wide piece of batting my bunny Maya nibbled in a few places rendering it unusable for a quilt. Tacked to the wall it's perfect for designing and I can't imagine myself putting my unassembled blocks on the floor, with the bunny and dog hair it would ruin them, so Maya actualy did me a favor of sorts...

The fabric is Symphony by Sentimental Studios and the pattern is Jelly Diamonds by Fig Tree Quilts. This picture was taken with the flash, it's not yellow but I it's stile does not do the fabrics justice.

I love this pattern. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and it goes together very fast. I did not put in the setting triangles because 1) the fabric I had just did play well with the rest and 2) I like the points, they give the top a carnival feel. I am considering adding tasles to the top and bottom points once it is quilted and bound.

Their is some majore streching on one side. All the pieces are bias and my seam allowances are not all the same so the edges got warped when I put the whole thing together. Hopefuly I will figure out a way to fix this and then I can quilt it. Stile I am happy with the results. Except for one or 2, all my points are lined up which make me very proud.

I consider this one a practice run because I intend to make a bigger version of this for my bedroom, I love the fabrics so much. So this will either be a lap quilt or go on the wall.

Have to get back to my Christmas sewing. I'll post some pictures in a few days.
See you soon

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