Apr 22, 2008

We interupt spring....

...to bring you this awesome Christmas fabric!

No, no! Please don't think I am one of these well organized people who start planing Christmas MONTHS in advance, because I am NOT. Nope, I veer more towards the "Oh! Crap is it December 23rd allready?" group. But I was just checking out the "Coming soon" section at this place, and these guys just popped up. Look at the mice! And the birds! Hey Amy, are your decorations put away yet? ;O)

Actually, this might also have something to do with the fact that we went from this on April 14th:

That's our new car by the way, the big bad monster is gone, Yippee! To that yesterday:

It was bad! Actualy, bad is an understatement, in this next picture I took driving home from work ( Yes, I was DRIVING, sorry :O( ) there is a pick-up truck about 50 feet in front of me (objects, or in this case snowy oblivion, in picture, are closer then they appear):

Hooray for the 54th parallel!

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